Michael, I missed you when you left the states to “go home” and miss you tons more knowing you’ve gone on to meet your maker.

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Michael Scanlan, a classy devil.

I shared more than a few Irish cocktails with Mr. Michael Scanlan; moments and memories that recently and tragically gained infinite value.

Michael, I’m sorry I will never be able to sit with you at your country house in Athea, Ireland, in the County Limerick, to enjoy conversation over a few pints of Guinness or (and?) a bottle of Bushmill’s like we have done so many times together.

What a loss. What a tragic and terrible loss.


One thought on “Sláinte

  1. Joe Shirley says:

    “Unfair” seems to be the word I keep hearing. I spoke with the funeral home handling his arrangements. Not only is the family dealing with the shock of Michaels death but also with the memory and pain of Dolores’ death. My prayers to them all -especially his Mother.

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